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Battle Winter With These 5 Essential Car Care Tips

Battle Winter With These 5 Essential Car Care Tips

OKEMOS, Mich. –– If you thought it was important to prepare your car for fall, just wait until winter hits and your vehicle isn't prepared to handle the harsh realities of months like January and February. You can avoid any major issues that cold weather and winter elements can easily exacerbate for your vehicle if you take care of any necessary auto service by visiting our Delta Charter Township area Chevrolet dealer before the snow falls. Take our word for it and battle winter with these five essential car care tips to make sure your vehicle makes it through to spring.

1. Equip your vehicle with a new set of tires.

Your vehicle should first and foremost have a new set tires specifically designed to handle slick roads packed with snow or sheeted by ice. If your vehicle's tires are balding or haven't been rotated in more than six months, there's a good chance they aren't up to par for winter and could pose a serious risk to you and other drivers on winter roads. Check your vehicle's tires for smooth spots or diminishment of tread. If they seem unsafe, let our technicians equip your vehicle with a new set.

2. Have our technicians inspect your brakes.

Along with making sure your vehicle's tires are ready for winter, it's vital to have a good set of brakes. To ensure your vehicle's brakes are ready to battle winter, have our technicians inspect them for corrosion and other negative signs. Likewise, if you notice your vehicle's brakes are squeaking, or if you're coasting when you come to a stop, both are signs that you need to see our technicians.

3. Inspect your battery for corrosion.

It could be difficult to start your vehicle if its battery isn't ready to handle the frigid temperatures of winter. It's also likely your vehicle could become dysfunctional or struggle to operate properly while you're driving if its battery is in bad condition. To make sure your vehicle's battery is ready to battle winter, inspect it for corrosion. If your vehicle is having trouble starting or its interior lights and headlights seem dim or are flickering, it could also be a sign that the battery won't be in a condition to handle the harsh temperatures ahead. Go here to learn more about the battery services we offer.

4. Make sure your coolant level is where it should be.

Many drivers assume coolant for your vehicle's cooling system is only useful in the heat of summer to keep a vehicle's engine from overheating. However, coolant also keeps your vehicle's engine from freezing in the winter from cold temperatures. If your vehicle's coolant level is too low, the engine could stall or your vehicle could have a hard time starting up. Before it starts snowing, check your vehicle's coolant level, as well as other fluid levels. If your vehicle's fluids are low or you think there may be a leak in a line, let our technicians take a look.

5. Install a new set of wiper blades.

Don't assume wiper blades are only useful in the spring and summer when it rains. Snow, of course, is simply a different state of water, and it can easily obscure your vision when it hits your windshield if your vehicle isn't equipped with an updated set of wiper blades. Old wiper blades will leave streaks and struggle to clear moisture from your windshield, making it difficult to see during a snowstorm. Visit the service page on our webstie to see what poor visibility looks like:

There's plenty of other auto service you should have our technicians take care of before winter hits, but at the very least you should be able to battle winter with these five essential car care tips. Let our friendly team of Chevy professionals at Hank Graff Okemos help you. Call us at (517) 349-8300 or visit our showroom, located at 1748 W. Grand River Okemos, MI 48864. We’re just minutes from Lansing!

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