Friday, April 7, 2017

Car Care Tips for Spring Cleaning

OKEMOS, Mich., – It's just about time to do some spring cleaning! For many people, this usually means cleaning out the closets, the garage, or the kitchen cabinets. But don't forget about your car! Your vehicle definitely deserves some attention as well! We've listed some important car care tips for spring cleaning to get you started so you can keep your vehicle in great shape all year long!

Car Care Tips for Spring Cleaning

1. Remove Trash

Start by clearing out your vehicle of all the accumulated trash like receipts, bottles, and wrappers. Remove things that don't belong in the car like clothing or winter gear.

2. Dust & Vacuum

Use a can of compressed air to remove dirt from your vents, radio dials, or any other nooks and crannies. Then use your Shop Vac at home or the industrial vacuum cleaner at the car wash to remove dirt, leaves, and debris from the floor and seats.

3. Preserve Interior Surfaces

Use Armor All cleaning wipes or all purpose cleaning spray to clean out your cup holders and sanitize your other interior surfaces. Don't forget your steering wheel, dashboard, and door handles!

4. Wipe the Windows

Use Windex or something similar to clean the inside of your windows. Don't forget about your front and rear windshield and your sun or moon roof if you have one.

5. Head to the Car Wash

Head to the car wash to get your vehicle looking shiny and nice on the outside too! You could also hand wash your car at home, but either way, remember to hand dry! Air drying can leave spots on the paint!

Car Care Tips for Spring Cleaning

Additionally, try these car hacks to keep your ride fresh all year long!

  • Use wax melts and a small mason jar as a DIY air freshener!
  • Place silicone cupcake liners in your cup holders to keep them clean! The cupcake liners can be tossed in the dishwasher!
  • Keep tissues in a to-go cup for easy access.
  • Keep a small container or bag for trash to keep your car clean.
  • Wipe your wiper blades with rubbing alcohol to prevent streaks! 
Car Care Tips for Spring Cleaning

Hopefully you get a chance to do some spring cleaning for your home or vehicle! We hope our car care tips for spring cleaning gave you some inspiration to get started! For even more vehicle maintenance advice and tips on keeping your car looking fresh, check out our Spring Car Care pages. You can also reference our Spring Cleaning page for more info!

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