Friday, June 30, 2017

20 Things People Forget While Packing for Vacations

OKEMOS, Mich., – Did you know that, on average, adults forget at least three things per road trip? From phone chargers to changes of clothes, these forgotten items can add up very quickly with replacement costs. To help you save some money this summer, we've found the 20 things people forget while packing for vacations so you can make a checklist to keep yourself prepared! Make sure you're ahead of the curve this year by packing everything in advance. Maximize your road trip fun this year!

20 Things People Forget on Vacations

  1. Phone Charger: This is a no-brainer, but it can be an easy one to forget! Average phone chargers cost anywhere between $10-15. Make sure yours is packed!
  2. Travel Document Copies: Going out of the country? Keep these on hand and make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork. Your trip could be delayed if not!
  3. First-Aid Kit: In the event of an emergency, you'll want to make sure you're prepared. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when you're away from home!
  4. Hairbrushes: Keep your hair in check during vacation with a hairbrush! This one can be easy to forget but makes a huge difference if you remember it.
  5. Stain-Remover: If you go out to eat and things get a little messy, you'll want to get that stain off your shirt as soon as possible! You'll thank us later!
  6. Sunscreen: Sunscreen can be up to $7 in warmer states. Purchase and pack some in advance so you don't have to pay a higher price later at the store!
  7. Extra Cash: Sometimes, bank accounts can accidentally freeze your account if they detect purchases that don't fit your usual patterns. Keep cash on hand for any emergency!
  8. Batteries: From flashlights to video games, batteries can make or break a good vacation. Keeping them on hand will also save you a trip to the store to make a purchase!
  9. Snacks: Driving and staying at the hotel can make your stomach rumble from time to time. Curb everyone's appetites between meals with some good old fashioned snacking!
  10. Umbrella: Hey, you never know when it's going to rain! Your family will thank you later when you bring this just-in-case commodity!
  11. Prescriptions: In case you or someone in your family has to take any medicine regularly, keep these on hand! Bring some extras in case of flight delays or unnecessary traffic!
  12. Headphones: If you're next to the guy on the plane snoring, the best way to drown him out is with some great music! You can also give them to the kids to occupy them while on the road!
  13. Glasses or Contacts: Forgetting these can turn a fun vacation into a miserable experience very quickly! Keep an extra set of contacts or backup glasses on hand, just in case!
  14. Light Jackets: The temperatures may drop at night and it might get a little cold, so having these nearby will reduce the discomfort of the cold!
  15. Reusable Water Bottle: You can fill this up repeatedly and save any costs of bottled water on vacations! Plus, it'll give you a good opportunity to help save the planet!
  16. Extra Pairs of Clothing: From warm to cold weather, climates can change at the snap of a finger. It's important to pack at least one warmer outfit, just in case.
  17. Hand Sanitizer: If you can't find a place to wash your hands or go to a lot of public areas, using hand sanitizer will keep your hands clean and reduce the chances of sickness.
  18. Lip Balm: Even if you don't use this regularly, frequent traveling can dehydrate your body and cause your lips to chap up. Keeping some lip balm handy will help to reduce this.
  19. Extra Memory Card: If you bring your camera, you'll want to bring another memory card just in case you fill up the first one with too many memories. It's a good backup, too!
  20. Personal Hygiene Products: From deodorant to toothpaste, these are easily forgotten and very important to bring! This can make a huge difference in your wallet and on your body!

While there are many other things that you can forget, these 20 things people forget while packing for vacations can serve as a helpful checklist before you finally head out on your journey. If you go on a road trip, make sure you oil is changed beforehand if you need it! Schedule an appointment with us to get your vehicle in top condition before the long journey! If you need to get your tires rotated, now is the time for that, too! You'll be thanking us when you do! Make this vacation season one to remember, and don't forget any of the necessities we listed above!

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