Tuesday, September 26, 2017

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

OKEMOS, Mich., – It's almost time for Halloween! Is your house ready for the scariest season of the year? If not, these 8 spooky and simple Halloween decorations should help you get your home looking positively ghoulish. All of these DIY decorations are really easy and fun crafts to make with your little ghosts and goblins as well. So, whether you're hosting a Halloween-themed party or are simply greeting Trick or Treaters, use these decorations to make your house the scariest one on the block this year!

1. Spiderweb Balloons

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Want to decorate your trees or front porch in a creative way this Halloween? Spiderweb balloons are a creepy and cool way to increase the curb appeal of your home without losing any of the decorative charm of the fall! The best part is, it only takes a few minutes and some household supplies to make them! All you have to do is coat string in a water and glue mixture, wrap the string around a balloon, let it dry, and then pop the balloon for cool and creepy spiderweb look!

2. Creepy Eyeball Roses

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Looking for the perfectly terrifying touch to your home? These eyeball roses are sure to be the most unsettlingly unique decorations this Halloween season. Plus, they only take a few minutes to put together. All you have to do is glue a plastic eyeball in the center of a fake rose, and you've made the creepiest decoration of all time!

3. Yarn Pumpkin Garland

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

If you want to make a family-friendly decoration that everyone can participate in making, this yarn pumpkin garland is a quick and easy way to decorate your home this Halloween. All you need is yarn, pipe cleaners, twine, and scissors. You'll have a fun new string of Halloween-themed garland to dress up your living room with!

4. Pumpkin Party Favors

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Hosting a Halloween party? Make the occasion memorable with pumpkin party favors! Fill these bundles with candy, chocolate, and other fun goodies to impress party-goers or Trick-or-Treaters when they visit. Create the coolest pumpkin-themed party favors your friends and family have ever seen this year!

5. Spooky Mason Jars

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Unleash your artsy side with these spooky mason jars! All you need to craft these creepy jars is spray paint, a permanent marker, and a tea light candle to bring the ghostly scene to life. Decorate your home with these cool and creative mason jars for a haunting look. Add a creative twist by drawing your own creepy Halloween-themed landscape!

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

This decoration is easy to make, but looks great! All you need are a few Halloween-themed decals (you can get them at the store or make them yourself with black construction paper) and orange string lights to make the coolest window decorations this season. If your windows have blinds, shut them for maximum Halloween spookiness!

7. Mason Jar Mummies

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Wrap your mason jars in medical gauze and glue on some googly eyes for a cute and crazy Halloween DIY project! If you're making this with your kids, you can even use different sized mason jars to make a little mummy family! 

8. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

8 Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations

Making glow in the dark pumpkins is simple, easy, and can add a fun twist to your average jack-o-lantern making process without even having to use a knife or other sharp objects. Before you get started, print off a face design and put it on your pumpkin before you spray it with glow in the dark paint. Once the paint dries, peel off the face design and put your new glow in the dark jack-o-lantern out on your porch!

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