Tuesday, May 31, 2016

National Tire Safety Week at Graff Chevrolet Okemos

OKEMOS, Mich. – Your tires are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Not only do they help you get to where you need to be, but also a properly working tire keeps you safe on the road. May 29th through June 4th is National Tire Safety week at Graff Chevrolet Okemos and we are bringing you some tips to keep your tires in good condition. By following the five tips below you will have tires that will last longer and keep you safer on the road.

 National Tire Safety Week at Graff Chevrolet Okemos

Routine Tire Rotations
Tire rotations are recommended every 6,000 miles or every other oil change. By having your tires rotated you will help the tire tread wear evenly, you will get better gas mileage, and increase your vehicle performance.

Tire Alignments
Tire alignments help keep your tires straight and parallel to each other. They also allow for your tire tread to wear evenly and provide better fuel efficiency. If you notice your steering wheel pulling to one side or another you can bring your vehicle to our service center for an alignment inspection!

Check Your Tire Tread
Your tire tread helps grip the tires to the road. This is important in road conditions with ice, snow, rain, etc. Without proper tire tread you put your tires at risk of damage and potentially needing a tire replacement. You also put yourself at risk of the vehicle slipping on the road. To learn about how to check your tire tread visit our FAQ page for the steps to the Penny Test.

Check Your Tire Air Pressure

Having proper tire pressure helps your fuel efficiency and enhances the handling of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual can provide you the proper air pressure levels that is required for your specific vehicle. 

 National Tire Safety Week at Graff Chevrolet Okemos

Always Keep A Spare

You never know what will happen when you hit the open road. That is why it is important to always keep a spare tire handy. There are many different types of spare tires you can have for your vehicle. What you should always remember is that no matter what kind of spare tire you have, you should never drive more than 50 miles on the spare tire and never drive over 50 mph.

During National Tire Safety week at Graff Chevrolet Okemos we want to make sure your tires are the best they can be. With proper air pressure and tire tread, as well as routine tire maintenance you will be comfortable knowing your tires are ready for anything. To learn more about tire care and services visit our tire routine maintenance page, where we have videos and information about all of the tire services at our Graff Chevrolet Okemos Service Center. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page on our website. We have answers to the most common tire questions.

To schedule your next tire routine maintenance appointment, contact our service center today! Our ASE Certified technicians will get your tires in top condition. You can even buy your next set of tires from us! That’s right, make Graff Chevrolet Okemos your one-stop-shop for all new tires and tire service.

Hank Graff Chevrolet Okemos is committed to providing you with integrity and convenience, all close to home. Let our friendly team of Chevy professionals at Hank Graff Okemos help you – simply call us at (517) 349-8300 or visit our showroom, located at 1748 W. Grand River Okemos, MI 48864. We’re just minutes from Lansing!

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