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MSU Kickoff Traditions

OKEMOS, Mich., – On Saturday, September 2nd, Michigan State University football will finally make its return to Spartan Stadium! Whether you're a diehard fan of the green and white or just a casual Spartan fan, knowing these MSU kickoff traditions will make your time in East Lansing a much more fun experience! With decades of traditions that the football team, band, and fans participate in, discover some of the unique rituals Spartan fans take part in. While others may find these practices strange, some MSU fans believe these traditions make the difference between winning and losing!

Sparty Watch

MSU Kickoff Traditions

Before every game, many MSU fans will touch the Sparty statue before the game in order to wish the team good luck. However, the Sparty receives the most attention during the MSU-U of M games. Both teams have decades of heated rivalry and have been known to vandalize their opposition's famous landmarks. In opposition to this, many Spartan fans will camp out by the Sparty the week before the game in order to protect it from potential vandalism. On game day, the MSU marching band forms a perimeter around the Sparty to guard it before and during the game. It's a great tradition that brings old and new fans together across age groups!

Shout"It's a Beautiful Day for Football!"

Whether it's sunny, raining, or snowing, the announcers make sure to let everyone know that it's a beautiful day for football! This long-running tradition has been a staple at Spartan Stadium for decades. It's so well known in the MSU community that the entire crowd joins in unison! If you're a first-timer at Spartan Stadium, watch the video above to view the "weather watch" for yourself!

Participate in the Spartan Walk

MSU Kickoff Traditions

Around two hours before the game, the football team will begin their walk to Spartan Stadium from their hotel at the Kellogg Center. This 10-minute walk to the stadium is accompanied by the band, as each member walks single-file through campus. Crowds of fans shout "Go Green! Go White!" as they pass by the Sparty, rubbing the statue's foot and leaving a penny for good luck. This older tradition was recently brought back by Mark Dantonio in 2007, and since then, it's been a Spartan fan staple.

Catch Zeke the Wonder Dog at Halftime

MSU Kickoff Traditions

Zeke, the Frisbee-catching Wonder Dog, has provided Spartan Stadium with adorable entertainment since the 1970s! The first Zeke, a labrador retriever, wowed coach Darryl Rogers so much that he was given his very own varsity letter. Currently, Zeke IV, the fourth Wonder Dog of his generation, has entertained Spartan fans at football, basketball, soccer, and many other games. You won't want to miss this game day tradition during halftime!

Watch the Series

"The Series", as it's known, is a popular hype song performed by the MSU band before every game for parade marching. Fans gather around the Kalamazoo Bridge to cheer on the marching band as they make their way to the stadium. The Series received its name for its complicated set of drumbeats and composition, and while some fans may not know the name of the song, they'll definitely recognize it when it comes on!

Take a look at Michigan State's football schedule to make sure you don't miss a single second of the action this year! We at Graff Okemos are diehard Spartan fans, and we definitely follow all of these MSU kickoff traditions from the first game to last! Whether you're an MSU alumni or simply a fan of a great football team, show up to East Lansing in style at a great rate with our new vehicle sales. Customize your vehicle and add a little Spartan touch to it with any of our Chevrolet-approved accessories, and don't forget to Sparty on! Go Green and Go White!

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