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Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

OKEMOS, Mich., – Like your home, your vehicle is a huge investment. Making sure you protect your investment will extend your vehicle's life and increase its resale value. Use these helpful routine maintenance tips to improve your gas mileage, the appearance of your vehicle, and more! Preventative maintenance will help you save money on repairs in the future and can make all the difference in the long run. Check out our list of tips to make your car look and feel its best!

How to Check Fluid Levels

Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

Checking your fluid levels in your vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but it's actually very easy! Whether you're checking your oil, wiper fluid, or coolant levels, we've put together a quick and easy list for you to reference!

How to Check Your Oil Level: Checking your oil level is a great way to find out whether or not you need an oil change! Typically, you should get your oil changed every 5,000-8,000 miles, or whenever your owner's manual tells you to, but if you aren't sure, you can check yourself! Look for the oil dipstick, located on your engine (it should have a plastic circular handle), and pull it out. Wipe it on a clean cloth, then dip your dipstick back into the pipe you withdrew it from. Pull it out again and check the film level on the stick. There should be indicators labeled "ADD" and "FULL". If you're below the "ADD" mark, it's time for an oil change!

How to Check Other Fluids: The other fluids in your engine, such as wiper fluid and coolant, are much easier to check. You'll be able to tell immediately whether or not they need refilling. If you're wondering about your coolant level, look for the large plastic container in your engine. The side of the container should have a "HIGH" and "LOW" level, indicating whether or not it needs refilling. You can tell whether or not your wiper fluid needs refilling the same way, too! The wiper fluid container, typically located on the left side of your engine, has "HIGH" and "LOW" labels as well. Your coolant should be replaced every 30,000 miles or whenever your manual says to, and your wiper fluid should be replaced as you use it!

Check Your Tire Pressure

Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

A great way to increase your vehicle's gas mileage and performance on the road is to regularly check your tire pressure. The amount of pressure in your tires, or PSI, keeps your vehicle running efficiently on the road. Improper tire pressure can put strain on your other tires, which can cause uneven tire wear, blow-outs, and can negatively impact your gas mileage. If you notice your vehicle sitting at an uneven angle, it may be time to get your air refilled! Purchasing an affordable tire gauge can help you check the PSI of your tires at home - they're only a few dollars and are a valuable investment. Typically, tire pressure in sedans is between 27-32 PSI, while larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs are anywhere between 4-8 PSI.

Get Your Air Filter Replaced

Your air filter serves as the "lungs" of your vehicle. Dust and dirt accumulate over long periods of time and can clog your engine, leading to inefficient fuel economy and slower acceleration times. Getting your air filter replaced every 15,000-30,000 miles will improve your gas mileage and make driving much better. Replacement air filters are very affordable and only take a few minutes to replace. Schedule an appointment to get your filter looked at and replaced today! You'll notice the difference almost immediately when you start driving!

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

A great way to increase the resale value of your vehicle and make it more appealing to the eye is by keeping the interior and exterior as clean as you can. Driving a clean vehicle prevents rust and corrosion and can make drivers much happier, too. With a fresh and clean vehicle, you'll be looking and feeling like brand new! It's a great way to make the most of your investment and create a healthy and clean environment for your commute, whether you're taking the kids to school, driving to work, or going on a road trip!

Park in the Shade

Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

Whenever you're able to, make sure you park in the shade, especially on hot summer days! You can extend the life of your tires and other rubber components of your vehicle by regularly parking in shaded areas. Plus, it never hurts to have a cooler vehicle on a hot summer afternoon! If you can't find shade, you can always purchase an inexpensive sun shade to create shade for all of the plastic and rubber components in your vehicle's interior. 

Apply Wax Every 6 Months

Helpful Routine Maintenance Tips

Keep your vehicle's coat of paint shiny and eye-catching with a fresh coat of wax! Whether you apply it monthly or every six months, it can decrease the rate at which dust and dirt accumulate on your vehicle. You can do it yourself by purchasing wax and applying it after a car wash, or you can have it done at a car wash itself for an affordable price! Reduce the buildup of rust and dirtiness on your vehicle with a car wash and a new coat of wax.

Follow these helpful routine maintenance tips to keep your repair costs to a minimum and to extend the life of your vehicle! Not only will your vehicle have increased performance, but you'll also be driving around in a fresh, clean, and eye-catching ride, too! Bring your vehicle up to speed this season with some summer car care tips that'll protect your investment. If you find anything that needs further maintenance, like an oil change or tire rotation, feel free to schedule an appointment with us and our Service Staff will have your vehicle taken care of right away! Looking to sell your vehicle soon? Follow our tips to increase its resale value and bring it in for the best deal you can get in the Lansing area!

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