Monday, August 7, 2017

When You Should Get Your Brakes Inspected

OKEMOS, Mich., – You might not think about them much, but the first line of defense against an accident or damage to your vehicle are your brakes. They can slow down your vehicle and prevent or reduce any structural damage you may encounter in an accident. Making sure they're fully functioning can make all the difference in the world in the event you run into trouble. There are a few telltale signs that can let you know when you should get your brakes inspected, but we'll go over them now to let you know what to look for in the future!

Reduced Responsiveness

If your brakes just aren't quite working like they used to, or your pedal "sinks" to the floor, it could mean your brakes are leaking fluid. You can tell whether or not they're leaking if you notice a small puddle forms when you park your vehicle. Brake fluid looks like a less "slimy" version of motor oil fluid. If you notice reduced responsiveness or fluid leakage from your brakes, bring it in to us and we'll get it looked at and repaired right away!

Vehicle Pulls to One Side

If you feel your vehicle pull to the left or right when you brake, it means that your brake linings have worn down unevenly. This can be caused by braking on uneven terrain or extended braking on long turns while you drive. If you experience pulling while you drive, make sure your vehicle is checked out as soon as possible to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers. If you leave it unchecked, unevenly worn linings can cause long term damage to your brakes, leading to more expensive repairs. Avoid extra trips to our Service Center by getting them taken care of as soon as possible.


Do you hear a loud metallic sound when you brake? This is caused when two pieces of the brakes, the calipers and discs, rub against each other and cause friction, scratching your brakes and causing permanent damage. Your brakes grind against each other when your pads wear down and can be quite expensive if left unattended to. If you ignore the grinding sound on your brakes, it can score them, or cause them to wear down unevenly, which may require your brakes to be completely replaced rather than a much more affordable repair.


A high-pitched screeching sound can indicate that your brakes need to be looked at, as well. This noise is caused by an indicator, a key component in your brakes that lets you know when your brake pads are close to being worn down. It's loud enough to be heard with your windows up, but not loud enough to be heard when your radio is on, so if you're worried about how your brakes are holding up, turn down the radio and give them a test. If the screeching problem persists, make sure to schedule an appointment with us!


Your brakes will naturally vibrate when you have to make emergency stops to ensure that your vehicle is able to slow down at a much quicker rate. If your brakes vibrate when you pull to a slower stop frequently, however, it may be time to get them looked at. Frequent vibrations with braking can mean that your rotors may be warped, and can be felt through the brake pad when you brake normally. This can be caused by friction generated through mountain driving, frequent emergency braking, and heavy towing. 

Unlike oil changes, brakes don't have a set timeframe as to when they should be repaired. Like wiper fluid, they should be maintained and replaced as needed. Now that you know when you should get your brakes inspected, you'll be able to save money and spot the warning signs of brake wear. Do your brakes need maintenance? Use our coupons to save on service, inspection, and more! Extend the life of your brakes and other important components of your vehicle with our routine maintenance tips, and use our summer car care tips to keep your vehicle in top shape this season!

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